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Borsa TSM, prices chart and indicators

Borsa TSM is a simple and powerful technical analysis software. Simple because every user can use it. Powerful because it has the correct tools. Click here to download the trial version of Borsa TSM. The trial version does not have time limitations.

The End Of Day (EOD) quote data are displayed in charts. You have four type of charts and a lot of basic tools and indicators. The four charts are: line, open-close, istogram and japanese candlestick. Some of the tools and indicators are: trend line, volume chart, Relative Strength Index, Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, Bollinger Bands, On Balance Volume and other. To help you to take the correct sell or buy decision Borsa TSM has available Trading Systems with optimization.

You can download free End Of Day quotes here, daily updated, to test Borsa TSM.

Borsa TSM has a native format to import data, but you can import quotes also from Metastock binary format, Metastock PRN (ASCII) format and a configurable ASCII format. If you want to know more about Borsa TSM features.

february 08 2004
Borsa TSM 3.5.0 is online. Download from here.

february 08, 2004
On line the new English version of

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